It Input for Menpora To Execute The policy

It Input for Menpora To Execute The policy

It Input for Menpora To Execute The policy

Jakarta – After taking a policy, another big challenge for an executive is to execute the policy. There are inputs for related Nahrawi Imam Affairs freezing PSSI.

Although it has been decided to freeze the PSSI, but Menpora still opposition. PSSI still not received, and yesterday circumference ranging from KONI, KOI, until the Commission of the House of Representatives.

Parliament, through the vice chairman of the Commission for its X-Ridwan Hisjam, stating that Menpora could not wandering away to freeze PSSI.

“It deals with the leadership of the Minister. Leadership weak policies make it difficult to enforce. Then imagine many ministers as Ms. Susi (Pudjiastuti, Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries), may be all that is done,” said an observer of public policy from the University of Indonesia, Riant Nugroho, when talking with detiksport, Tuesday (21/04/2015).

“If Menpora not approach his colleagues, could become the playthings in parliament (DPR), also at the mercy of political power. For we know, PSSI has become the arena of the struggle for political power, because there is no sound that fought.”

Riant exemplifies Silvio Berlusconi who had twice served as prime minister of Italy. As a football (AC Milan club owner), the popularity of Berlusconi in the country is very high.

“Mr. Affairs must learn how to lead, can mimic firmness Mrs. Cruz, so the football so the domain of the executive, not the legislature,” said Riant.

“Affairs has full authority to execute its policies. This is a big challenge for Affairs, and determine. If it succeeds brilliantly, it means he has a first-class leadership capacity – and should not be replaced. If it fails, it could be considered (to be replaced ). ”

Riant, a doctor who has written several books on public policy, suggested Affairs willing to humble, willing to learn, and accept criticism. Related public policy, he also must strengthen its leadership.

“Public policy is determined by three things: formulation, implementation, and control. In executing, do not frivolous, need wisdom in doing so.”

Riant generally assess Affairs policies are appropriate to freeze PSSI. Because, social, economic, and skill berorgansiasi, PSSI has long been considered to be part of the problem of Indonesian football itself.

“PSSI has been so an economic entity that is not for the immediate perpetrators of such players, clubs, and others, but has become part of the PSSI weapon itself. And this has been going on for a long time.

“This is because the previous government’s interest to take advantage of the PSSI management for political purposes, namely to support the strength of a particular political party that controls the government, either directly or indirectly.

“In the skills, behaviors PSSI not managed to build a football culture fair, including those associated with the fans. Volume fights supporters, for example, the same intensity, not diminished. It shows the inability of PSSI in building the culture,” he said.