Arbeloa’s comments about Ronaldo Anger

Arbeloa’s comments about Ronaldo Anger

Arbeloa's comments about Ronaldo Anger

Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo upset after Alvaro Arbeloa scored against Almeria in a game won by Real Madrid 3-0. But Arbeloa admitted to not interfere with the behavior of his team mate.

Madrid star player seemed frustrated by kicking the ball out loud flick Arbeloa already into the net. Afterward, Ronaldo walked, shaking his head.

But anyway, it is a goal that is memorable for Arbeloa. Because, it was the first goal for the Madrid defender made since the last time in 2010 ago.

“The behavior of Cristiano does not bother me really. He was just hungry to score alone,” said the former Liverpool player as proclaimed Marca.

“Duel with (Lionel) Messi is getting hot,” added Arbeloa.

Failure Ronaldo scored in the game last night that a new one-goal mark made in the last five appearances. Even so, the Portuguese footballer already had 39 goals in La Liga (50 goals in all competitions) still ahead of Messi who scored 38 goals in the league (49 goals in all competitions).