Wenger Wants Arsenal Win Demi Mental Disturb ‘Red Devils’

Wenger Wants Arsenal Win Demi Mental Disturb ‘Red Devils’

Wenger Wants Arsenal Win Demi Mental Disturb 'Red Devils'

London – FA Cup quarter-final match between Manchester United Arsenal counter increasingly heated competition both in the Premier League. Anyone winner next morning, will be able to give “serious blow” to each team in the league.

Arsenal are currently in third place with 54 points, just one point ahead of Manchester United is in fourth position. With 10 games left of the season again, obviously competition will be fiercer both remember also Arsenal still have to come to Old Trafford this month.

Not only the two, there are some teams like Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, and Southampton are also at odds just a little of both, which is also a great chance to be able to finish in the top four.

But the competition Arsenal and Manchester United in the league will be fierce when they already have to meet earlier at Old Trafford on Tuesday (10/03/2015) pm dawn later, in the continuation of the quarterfinal round of the FA Cup.

With this competition finished second last chance to win a trophy this season, obviously both Manchester United and Arsenal will be desperate to win. If the match ends in a draw, then there is a replay at the Emirates Stadium.

Yet still so coveted victory each team given the results that would have a big impact for the players mentally in the rest of this season, hunt related to the top four.

“It’s an important game, and every important victory in a big game will have an enormous impact on confidence of the team,” Wenger said in the Mirror.

“When you have qualified for the quarterfinals, you think it would be a good opportunity to win the trophy. Winning the FA Cup last season has given more energy to us. But I do not know how much,” he continued.

“But it gives us more energy as long we do not win trophies and win it is vital. There is a big change in the confidence of players after winning the trophy.”

“This team has a good mentality because we started the season slow and the players will be affected each of us lost in a big game. I think the mentality of the players are very good, they want to look good, and we will focus on the game Monday night,” said Wenger.