Madrid Barca Not to Think

Madrid Barca Not to Think

Madrid Barca Not to Think

Madrid – Real Madrid Raihan points in the Spanish league standings already begun approached by Barcelona. Los Blancos still focus melakoni by game before making a visit to the headquarters of Los Cules.

Madrid slip at home to Villarreal on Monday (02/03/2015). They only took a point after a draw against a team the ‘Yellow Submarine’.

In previous Spanish League match, Barca were able to wrap three numbers during a visit to Granada. Blaugrana won with a final score of 3-1.

With that result, Madrid is still in first place standings with 61 points. They just within two points of Lionel Messi et al.

By doing so, Madrid meeting with Barca at Camp Nou on 23 March will be a crucial match in determining the Spanish champions this season.

Before that, Madrid still have to pass three other games. Athletic Bilbao, Schalke 04 (16 second leg of the Champions League), and Levante, respectively wait Carlo Anceloti team made it.

Do not want to rush to shift the focus to Barca, Madrid want to get good results in the previous three games. It was as revealed by Madrid defender Dani Carvajal.

“There are three points for us were fighting at Camp Nou, even so there is still time to analyze the situation before the game unruk it,” Carvajal said in As.

“We will focus on our next game and just try and take three points in every game,” he added.