lethargy Kiessling

lethargy Kiessling

lethargy Kiessling

Madrid – The burden is on the shoulders Stefan Kiessling after Fernando Torres penalty with good success. Bad luck for Kiessling, he failed to meet the expectations of the team and its supporters.

The match between Atletico Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen held on Wednesday (18/3) this morning, resulting in a penalty shootout. Atletico Leverkusen 1-0 on a goal by Mario Suarez in the 27th minute, making the aggregate both be equally strong team 1-1. The score lasted for 120 minutes, making the determination of winners is done through round-tosan tos.

When Torres successful penalty, Atletico 3-2. Kiessling, who finished fifth kicker Leverkusen, would not want to put the ball into the goal to equalize the score. However, the opposite is true. Kiessling kick over the crossbar.

Atletico were winning 3-2 on penalties and entitled to qualify for the Champions League quarterfinals. Leverkusen had to bite the finger.

Of course, the failure of Leverkusen in the game is not one Kiessling one. Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Omer Toprak also partly responsible because they also failed penalty kick.

However, for Kiessling, the failure to make lethargy attacked him. As Leverkusen striker mainstay for years, Kiessling find themselves having to compete with brand-new attacker younger, Josip Drmić, at this season.

Kiessling (31 years) even had to initiate action against Atletico last morning of the bench. When Drmic unable to produce a single shot on target too, Leverkusen coach, Roger Schmidt, immediately replace it with Kiessling in the 69th minute.

Kiessling and Drmic is rotated by Schmidt several times this season. Record his second goal in the Bundesliga this season was not much different. Kiessling has scored 4 goals in 25 matches and scored 6 goals while Drmic of 19 times played.

However, Kiessling excel in nicks goals in all competitions. Attackers blonde has scored 11 goals from 33 times to play in all competitions, while the new Drmic incised 6 goals from 26 times to play in all competitions.

Drmic, which brought in from FC Nuremberg at the beginning of this season, the original is a wing. However, it later turned into a striker position. Note 17 tally –Of 33 times bermain– together Nuremberg last season showed that Drmic not bad when used as an attacker.

Coupled with the Son Heung-min and Karim Bellarabi are used to playing on the wing, Drmic be plotted as a striker in Leverkusen.

Leverkusen himself used to play with a 4-4-2 or 4-2-4 formation with two central midfielders stood by the defense, the two wings are positioned a little inside-no melebar–, and two of the attackers.

However, although the use of two attackers, Leverkusen often use two pure striker. Typically, one of the attackers post was given to Hakan Çalhanoğlu standing right behind pure striker. So, be Kiessling and Drmic “scramble” a place in the starting XI.

In the match against Atletico, Leverkusen return to play as a companion Calhanoglu pure striker. Thus, 4-4-2 Leverkusen could turn into a 4-2-4 or 4-2-3-1 in the middle of the fight. Drmic installed as a starter, while Kiessling waiting on the bench.

Kiessling is being drag goals. In the last nine games, only one goal that he produces. Meanwhile, Drmic notes on the same number of matches better: three goals. For two attackers who scored 25 goals last season and became the top scorer of the Bundesliga, this is not a pleasant situation.

In the last three seasons, starting from the 2012/2013 season, it was the first time Kiessling difficult to score double-digit goals in the league.

At the beginning of the season, Schmidt was convinced that Kiessling can score 17 goals in one season in the league. However, Schmidt also meningatkan that Kiessling role in the team is not just a mere business goals.

“He had an important role in our system. He could be a supplier to her as well, making them better. The fact that we were dangerous and flexible on the front lines can not be separated from the role of Stefan. He was strong and could win any duel struggle for the ball, “Schmidt said in Bild.