English clubs believed Jump Will Rise in Europe Season Home

English clubs believed Jump Will Rise in Europe Season Home

English clubs believed Jump Will Rise in Europe Season Home

Liverpool – This season did not go smoothly for British representatives in European competition. But Steven Gerrard believes the bad trend that will not last long, because these clubs will immediately rise next season.

Beginning with the cessation of Liverpool in the Champions League group phase because of competition from Real Madrid and FC Basel, while the Reds had just returned to competition after a five year absence, representatives of the British began to fall in European competition.

Liverpool were then competing in the Europa League last 32 also directly removed by Besiktas, while at the same stage Tottenham Hotspur disungkurkan Fiorentina. Everton only made it to the round of 16, although the middle of performing poorly in the league.

Meanwhile in the Champions League, Chelsea finished second British representative who was knocked out in the competition yesterday after losing on aggregate goals away from Paris St-Germain. Seeing the condition of Arsenal (1-3 defeat of AS Monaco) and Manchester City (1-2 defeat of Barcelona), the opportunity both to turn things around in the second leg tomorrow fairly heavy midweek.

So Britain was in a state sandwiched and likely will not have another representative in European competition. Obviously this condition is a setback for the Premier League from 2005 to 2009 are always put at least two representatives in the semi-finals, even Liverpool and Manchester United (2 times) and Chelsea and Arsenal (1 time) has appeared in the final.

In recent seasons 2-3 indeed achievement English clubs are less well in Europe, where there is only one team that qualified for the semifinals and compete with teams of Spanish or German.

But this condition is believed will not last long because surely the Premier League clubs will improve next summer, in order to raise the prestige of their league in the European scene.

“We’re definitely going back again. I think this is not a crisis. I think this will not happen again in the future. The teams will rise,” said the Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard, in Soccernet.

“Chelsea, City, us, and Arsenal will buy players in the summer and will be back next year to do well there,” he continued.

“I think it’s no big deal, but this season is as a whole, we (English teams) is not good enough,” said he.