Record ‘Wow’ Jermain Defoe

Record ‘Wow’ Jermain Defoe

Record 'Wow' Jermain Defoe

Sunderland – Jermain Defoe has marked her comeback to the Premier League with goals that are becoming function as an attacker. Goals are at once gave him a record that “wow”.

Uniformed Sunderland since mid-January, Defoe has contributed two goals for his new team of a total of five games.

Latest tally is currently withstand host Sunderland Swansea 1-1 at the Liberty Stadium on Saturday (02/07/2015) ago.

The goal was to be special for 32-year-old attacker as Defoe has become the first player ever goalkeeper all (20) Premier League team of contestants this time.

In the list of perennial Premier League top scorer, Defoe is on 11th. He has collected 127 goals, along with West Ham United, Portsmouth, Tottenham Hotspur and Sunderland.

He returned to the UK after 11 months of playing in Major League Soccer (MLS), Toronto FC – when contracted for four years. Sunderland draw Defoe as his manager, Gustavo Poyet, feel confident ability is still very good.

Unfortunately, in his debut match for Sunderland, he has not scored – and his team lost 1-2 to Tottenham. Stop also record Defoe is always carve his first goal in every game together clubs ever he defended.

“If he could make only 10 goals, then we will finish in a very good place,” said Poyet describes his hopes for Defoe.