Look forward Messi fierce duel with City

Look forward Messi fierce duel with City

Look forward Messi fierce duel with City

Barcelona – Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is predicted to undergo a more difficult game with Manchester City over last year’s meeting. The Citizens called Messi got more and more top players.

City will first host Barcelona in the Champions League last 16. The match was a repeat of what happened last year, where the Catalans managed to bring home a 2-0 victory from the Etihad Stadium.

Messi predict the game will run more fierce this season. The number of top players dipunya City makes Barca must be very wary of the Premier League champions last season.

“We face a City like last season and they are a team that has a lot of great players. It will be a very difficult match,” Messi said in an interview with Mundo Leo and quoted from the Guardian.

Messi became one scorer Barca victory over City at the Etihad last season, while the other goal scored by Dani Alves. Barca then entitled to a ticket to the last eight with a 2-1 win in the second leg – where both goals Barca back made the duo Messi and Alves.

Barca visited City in amazingly good condition. Since losing to Real Sociedad in the early years, they continue to win the rentetannya now has a total of 11.

“Their target is kept going because some times they failed to penetrate the quarterfinals. We predict the game balanced and will be determined by the details. It will be a wonderful challenge mainly because City has a lot to build their team,” said Messi.