Defeat 10 Iraqi Players 3-2, UAE Seize Third Place

Defeat 10 Iraqi Players 3-2, UAE Seize Third Place

Defeat 10 Iraqi Players 3-2, UAE Seize Third Place

Newcastle – exciting game presented in the third place 2015 Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates finally emerged as the winner after conquering Iraq 3-2.

Newcastle Stadium, Friday (01/30/2015) afternoon local time, the UAE is first threatened in the 12th minute. Ali Mabkhout puncture on the right side ends with gastric feedback welcomed volley kick Ahmed Khalil. But still rising.

Four minutes later through a counterattack, UAE achieve excellence. In midfield, Abdulrahman and Mabkhout exchanging feedback. The ball is then controlled by Abdulrahman to enter the final third. He then sent a breakthrough to Khalil on the left side of the keeper, who then conquered Iraq, Mohamed Hamed.

In the 20th minute, Iraq almost equalized. Error feedback from UAE player makes the ball even lead Younus Mahmood not far from the penalty box. After passing one player, Mahmood had failed to reach the ball back.

But an attempt to clear the ball from a defender UAE makes the ball hit the foot mahmood and soared past the keeper. Failed to bear fruit because the goal crossbar. Threats to the UAE is not over because the ball bounce and then struck by Mahmood. But goalkeeper Khalid Eisa swiftly dismissed.

Iraq managed to equalize in the 28th minute. From the right side, Amjed Kalaf handed the ball to Waleed Salim who ran into the penalty box. Salim off hard kick that had hit the defender UAE to change direction. Eisa is dead and the net vibrating step.

In the 42nd minute, Iraq turned excel. Ahmed Yasin hard kick from outside the penalty box was pushed over by Eisa, but the ball rolling wildly and dicocor Kalaf into the empty net. The first half ended for excellence Iraq.

New minute second-half run, Iraq immediately get the opportunity. Feedback welcome breakthrough Yaser Kasim Mahmood in front of the penalty box UAE. With one touch he then passes Mohamed Ahmed, until faced with the goalkeeper. But chances wasted because Mahmood kick off the mark.

Position is re-balanced when the UAE scored the equalizing goal in the 51st minute. From near the center circle, Abdulrahman send feedback gastric breakthrough gorgeous received Khalil after offside trap. With one touch, Khalil and struck the ball past the keeper.

UAE pressure continues. Four minutes later, Mabkhout release the kick from outside the penalty box. Hamed still spry secure the ball.

Shortly thereafter, the UAE awarded a penalty. Ahmed Ibrahim dropped Mabkhout who are dealing with the keeper. Not only penalty, the referee red card was also given to Abraham. Mabkhout itself forward as an executioner and successfully conquered Hamed.

Superior number of players, the UAE increasingly dominate the match. While Iraq several times to counterattack quickly hunt down the equalizing goal. But until the final whistle, no other goals created. UAE also made sure to finish in the top three.


Iraq: Hamed, Salim Ibrahim, Shakir, Ismail, Abdulameer, Kasim, Kalaf (Meram 86 ‘), Kamil (Bahjat 62’), Yasin (Adnan 80 ‘), Mahmood.

UAE: Eisa, Haikal, Ahmed, Enezi Salem, Sanqour (Abbas 67 ‘), Hassan, Esmaeel, Al Fardan (Hammadi 53’), Abdulrahman, Khalil (Abdulrahman 76 ‘), Mabkhout.