Patience So the key to Manchester United in Live Transitional along Van Gaal

Patience So the key to Manchester United in Live Transitional along Van Gaal

Patience So the key to Manchester United in Live Transitional along Van Gaal

Jakarta – After a long and successful period with Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United last season even undergo a bad phase with David Moyes. Now with the presence of Louis van Gaal, MU was called still undergoing transition with patience should be the key.

Long era of Sir Alex as manager of the Red Devils ended at the end of the 2012-13 season. Moyes then came replace although the results are not as expected. Coming in July 2013, Moyes has had to leave Old Trafford in April 2014.

“We have undergone 26 years of resounding with Sir Alex Ferguson, said to be worth 26 years of success, so anyone who succeeded really gets difficult task,” commented Denis Irwin, United defender the period 1990-2002, in a chat with detikSport at the Palace Hotel , Jakarta.

In the summer came to Van Gaal, peracik Dutch tactics of which never achieve success with a wide top clubs Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Meneer 63 years was also praise when dealing with the Dutch national team at the World Cup.

However, so far there are a number of people who assess Van Gaal has not been able to meet the expectations imposed upon him at MU. Spotlight him grew because in summer the Red Devils has poured around 150 million pounds for the player spending.

“We are in transition, have a little patience, and today everyone wished success to come soon. We just need a little patience. Many people today want to be successful with as quickly as possible but it is not United, the other clubs , “said Irwin.

“I think he (Van Gaal) is a very experienced manager. We all could see what he had done with Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Ajax. And even with the Dutch national team at the World Cup. He has a good track record in terms of success. so we just need a little patience, “he added.

Irwin stated that Van Gaal’s first season at Chelsea was not easy for a player to grow successive pulled over due to injury. Indeed, Irwin did not deny that the ‘Red Devils’ must perform better. However, patience is also required. Realistic expectations should also be adjusted, especially after just finishing seventh last season.

“This is a period of transition, I think he started to learn about the Premier League, the players are to understand him. Also there are a lot of our players were injured. I would say after last season, if we finish top four this season then it will be a successful season, “he said.

“In the last two or three months we were still a little bit up and down, but if not mistaken we only lost one game in the last two or three months. Now we have to continue to improve and win, because as I said will be finished four seasons successful. We could be back to Europe and may slightly increase the strength in the summer.

“For Michael Owen says we have to finish better than third place, it was his opinion, ‘said Owen Irwin refer to the statement, which was also once grazed for MU, that his former team this season should be able to pursue a degree because it is a massive shopping.

Irwin, who is now an active role in supporting the programs created by the Manchester United Soccer School, was in Jakarta in order to liven up the kick-off program CLEAR Come on! Indonesia Could Academy which will encompass 11 best young players from Indonesia to be sent to a training camp at Old Trafford in May next.